John Oliver's Sex-With-Your-Mom Analogy For Lethal Injection Is WTF


The host blasted so-called humane options for the death penalty on “Last Week Tonight.”

John Oliver called lethal injection “unpredictable torture” on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.” The combination of drugs used by some states to execute convicted murderers is inhumane and “under the best of circumstances is being administered by amateurs,” he said.

So what’s the alternative? A judge actually suggested in a clip Oliver showed that a firing squad or even the guillotine are more effective than lethal injection. Opioids and cyanide have been tried to horrifying effect, Oliver pointed out.

The HBO host summed up the problem of finding a humane means of administering the death penalty with a rather icky analogy. 

“At the end of the day, coming up with different ideas to do this is is a bit like coming up with positions in which you feel least guilty fucking your mom,” he said, adding: “The fact is, you shouldn’t be fucking doing it in the first place!”

Watch the segment above.

Source By Breaking News Website | BreakingNews.WS