Let the iPhone 11 fervor begin: Pre-orders are now open for Apple's newest models ahead of their release next week


  • All of Apple’s new iPhones now available for pre-order, including 11, Pro, Pro Max
  • The iPhone 11 will debut at $699 and comes with a dual-camera array
  • The premium iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will cost $999 and $1099 respectively
  • Pro versions come with an extra camera lens and longer battery life 
  • Both have a new Ultra-Wide lens that allows for and larger more defined pictures 

A new wave of iPhones come with a new Ultra Wide camera lens and a brand new chip that makes the phone faster and more energy efficient are now available for pre-order.

A new wave of iPhones come with a new Ultra Wide camera lens and a brand new chip that makes the phone faster and more energy efficient are now available for pre-order.

The A13 Bionic chip will allow for better image processing and enable all of the iPhone 11 models to run high-resolution games offered through Apple Arcade.

Customers waiting to get their hands on the next wave of of Apple’s iPhones can begin pre-ordering today.  

Apple loyalists will be able to choose between three options of iPhone unveiled at the company’s annual event on Tuesday.  

Among the new devices is a base model, dubbed the iPhone 11, which will sell for $699 and a premium version, called the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max that will start at $999 and $1099 respectively.

Both devices come with new ultra-wide camera lens, the company’s latest A13 Bionic chip which promises the fastest performance of any model to date.  

Apple spent a notable amount of time highlighting the phones’ ultra-wide lens which boasts a 120 degree field of view, and allows users to take pictures with a greater depth of field and range. 

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According to Apple, that larger range enables the phone to capture four times more scene.

This will be particularly useful for landscape shots, the firm says, and is ‘great for short spaces where you can’t back up.’ 

Its Ultra-Wide lens is powered through a new software that lets users cycle between regular and wide modes seamlessly, broadening their image field by simply swiping.

A wider sensor also enables the phone to capture more light and paves the way for a long-desired Night Mode setting for low light. 

It also achieves 2x optical zoom and an ‘immersive camera interface,’ that will let users ‘see and capture the area outside of the frame.’   

One of the key differences between the iPhone 11 and the Pro models will be in the camera module. 

The Pro and Pro Max both have three rear-facing including a wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lens, as opposed to the base model’s two lenses. This, the company hopes, will work to court users looking to use the device for more professional purposes like photography or filmmaking. 

Both the Pro and Pro Max also boast superior battery life over the base model, adding four and five more hours respectively. 

The Pro differs from the Max iteration only in display size, with a 6.5 inch display over the smaller versions’s 5.8 in display.

Conversely, the regular iPhone 11 has one additional hour of battery life over last year’s iPhone XR which was said to have the ‘longest battery life ever’ when it was released.

A new A13 Bionic chip in both phone models, which Apple says is the ‘fastest CPU ever in a smartphone’, will offer a number of improvement over predecessors. 

According to the company, not only is the newest chip slightly faster than its the A12 — A13 Bionic is capable of crunching 1 trillion operations per second, making it 20 percent faster — but it’s also more efficient. 

By utilizing hundreds of voltage and clock gates and machine learning, the A13 can shut off different parts of the chip when they’re not in use, making it exceptionally good at conserving energy.

‘iPhone 11 is the next generation of iPhone, packed with great new capabilities in an incredible design, including new Ultra Wide and Wide cameras for gorgeous videos and photos, the power and ease of use of iOS 13, and A13 Bionic — the fastest chip ever in a smartphone that quickly handles the tasks that matter most to people every day,’ said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing

The iPhone comes in several new colors, including purple, green, yellow, black, white and ‘Product Red’ and is water resistant for as long as two minutes at a depth of up to two meters.

Pro models, made from a surgical grade stainless steel with a machine glass backing and matte textured finish, will come in several colors, including a midnight green, space gray, silver and gold.

Both models will go on sale in retail locations starting on September 20. 

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