This ‘Bake Off' Meme Is Highly Relatable To Anyone Who Has Ever Failed


Comedian James Acaster’s hilarious admittance of utter defeat on Britain’s “The Great Celebrity Bake Off” is resonating with many on Twitter.

A fail on a reality show has turned into a win for the internet.

James Acaster, a British comedian featured on “The Great Celebrity Bake Off” currently airing in the U.K., baked up some pretty sad flapjacks during a technical challenge earlier this week.

Acaster, 34, hilariously explained to the judges how everything went south when he presented his “cherry bakewell” flapjack flop to the judges.

“I started making it. Had a breakdown. Bon appétit!” he said (above).

The comedian’s sharp-witted remarks have resonated with many on Twitter, and the disastrous moment when he presented his stew-like flapjacks has turned into a meme that perfectly summarizes how it feels to attempt something and completely botch it.

Acaster himself has even gotten in on the joke in a very meta way.

Now excuse us while we attempt to bake a soufflé with zero experience and prepare our future tweet.

Source By Breaking News Website | BreakingNews.WS